Ullagunga - Secrets of the Boomerang


Learn how to throw boomerangs, how boomerangs work, and how to make boomerangs in Ullagunga-Secrets of the Boomerang.

Get this book for a more thorough, easy-to-understand explanation of why a boomerang flies the way it does—and how to make one that will come back to you.

You'll learn how to make boomerangs that are nearly indestructible—with materials you can pick up from a local hardware store.

You'll learn how to make all kinds of boomerangs, some for long distance others for quick, tight returns.
Learn techniques for tweaking your boomerangs to get maximum performance.

Get tips on how to throw well, all the factors to consider, how to adjust your throw until your boomerang swoops back to you, time after time.

BlueBloke Publications

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Ullagunga Book Illustration'

40 Boomerang Patterns:
Check page 26 in your Ullagunga book for the web address to download all 40 boomerang patterns

Link to patterns download